The concept of anxiety, Anthony Russo

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If I Could Change The World


If I could change the world

With you is where I’d start

I’d toughen up your skin

And soften up your heart

I’d take you by the hand

And hold your hand so tight

So you would never feel alone

I’d hold you every night

And when the world was changed

We’d all walk hand in hand

We’d throw away our differences

Together we would stand

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I’m Adam.

-And I’m Emily.

We make “funny videos” on the Internet.

-But soon, we might not be able to.

That’s because…


…net neutrality is in jeopardy. Net Neutrality is the principle that says ISPs can’t discriminate between different types of traffic.

That means that…

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I was so tired of people asking me what was wrong with me, I learned how to cry with a smile on my face.
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phantomdisco said: Hey! She's planning on leaving in September/August I think? But she's having some problems getting her funds together, and figuring out moving in general. But I know she's looking for a roommate too so I'll give you her number just in case you can't find anyone! 719-217-0056

I’m having the same problem haha ill text her and try to figure it out cause that’d be the shit! Thank you for the referral


A Bosnian woman speaking to a UN commander in Srebrenica, BiH, March 11th, 1993. 

From the BBC Documentary, "The Death of Yugoslavia"

akkhhh albi ..

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